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​The PURPOSE of the Garrett V. Bivens Foundation is to provide necessary resources to individuals and organizations helping women and children recover from trauma.

Our VISION is to empower broken women and children to Step out of darkness 

and despair




by Dr. Anna Cabeca

   In 2006, I lost my 18-month-old son Garrett in a tragic accident. I was devastated. All goodness, light and life drained from my soul. I was forced to rise-up and start over because my three daughters ages 6, 9, and 17 needed me. 

   I called on primordial strength and the mercy of God then slowly, strenuously, I climbed out of the darkness. 

   I knew that for my children to grow up to be healthy, whole adults, I had to move out of the muck and mire. I forced myself to embrace life and to allow joy back into my heart. I did not make that journey from death to life alone.

   I had the loving support of family and friends, my faith that God is good, plus other resources I needed to ascend the mountain of sorrow I faced. The pain remains. My heart is forever broken, but my story did not end on the dark day of my son’s death.

   I now know joy amid mourning, and embrace new life sprouting from death. My life is rich with the love of my three older daughters and my fourth daughter, Avamarie, born less than two years Garrett’s death. I am blessed.


Garrett, just before he left us.

 Many women face tragedy alone…Mom’s, devastated by a heart-rending history, loss, abuse, or isolation struggle to care for their children. Without a safe place to heal, loving support or needed resources, their strength often fails, and their children suffer.

The Garrett V. Bivens Foundation supports women and children recovering

from trauma. We partner with organizations and individuals who empower the powerless through the vehicles of education, therapeutic intervention, job training and placement and spiritual development. We work closely with our partners to guarantee sustainability, fiscal responsibility and long-term change.

Please join us….

We are currently focused on developing our partnerships with House of Hope in Brunswick, GA and the Fruto de la Vid Christian Academy in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. House of Hope provides refuge to young females victimized by human trafficking. Fruto de la Vid Christian Academy provides excellent Christian education to the under-served youth in this small city.

Learn more in the Brunswick Times

We have provided House of Hope with foundational resources used to establish this haven. They are becoming licensed by the state of Georgia and the first group of ladies will arrive in January 2018. A complete range of therapeutic services, life and job skills training, and a safe, loving home will be offered.      


Fruto de la Vid nurtures children and teens in a vibrant, loving, creative community atmosphere. They focus on intellectual, vocational, and character development. Tragically their school was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Maria. GVB Foundation has stepped in with resources to assist in rebuilding.

We will also be travelling to the school offering skilled labor and educational resources. Go to: to learn more and sign-up!

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At the Garrett V. Bivens Foundation we pledge:

~ To invest your money into the lives of women and children who need it the most

~ To only partner with those who empower the powerless through education, therapeutic intervention, job training and placement and spiritual development

~ Not to support the further victimization of people through irresponsible charity

We can’t help them without your generous donations.

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